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Spawner Upgrades

Besides the stacking system of spawners, the plugin also has spawners upgrading system which you can use. Entities that will be spawned by an upgraded spawner will have the same upgrade as well. This system gives you the ability to set custom spawner settings and custom drops to entities, and in this page we will cover all of that.

Spawner Settings

As mentioned above, you can edit the settings of spawners using this system. You can edit the settings of spawners for each upgrade, so you can make upgraded spawners faster with less spawning conditions. Each ladder has a default upgrade, which means that you can edit the spawner settings to spawners without making them upgradable.
All the spawner settings must go under the upgrade you want:
# Upgrade ladders
next-upgrade: coal
required-player-range: 16
required-player-range: 32
In this example, all the spawners must have a player withing 16 blocks from them. However, the upgraded spawners (coal upgrade) have an expanded radius of 32 blocks instead of 16. You can play with this however you want, and there are no restrictions to this.
Available settings:
Default Value
The minimum spawn delay that can be set to spawners.
The maximum spawn delay that can be set to spawners.
The maximum amount of entities that can be spawned in one spawn attempt.
The maximum amount of entities that can be near the spwaner.
The radius to look for nearby players
The spawning radius

Upgrade Ladders

The upgrades system is based on ladders, and each spawner can be assoicated with one ladder at most. This means that you can set different upgrade ladders for different spawners.
Let's start with a basic layout for the ladder:
# Upgrade ladders
# The name of the ladder, must be unique.
# A list of mobs that will use this ladder. If non specified, all the spawners will use it.
entities: []
# Settings related to the default upgrade. This section is required, otherwise the ladder will not be registered.
# Other upgrades of the ladder. These sections are optional, and you can remove them if you don't want spawners to be upgradable.
The layout of the ladders is pretty simple: entities A list of entities that can use the ladder. default The default upgrade that will be applied to all the spawners of the ladder. upgrades.. Other upgrades that can be added.
All the upgrades sections are the same (default and unique ones), and must have the following sections: id A numerical id for the upgrade. This id must unique across all the upgrades in all the ladders. Default upgrades have a default id of 0 and cannot be changed. display The display prefix/suffix for spawners and mobs. This string is attached to names of entities and spawners. cost The required balance to upgrade into this upgrade. Default upgrades don't need a cost section. next-upgrade The name of the next upgrade. This section is optional, and if it doesn't exist, the upgrade will be treated as the last one in the ladder. icon A custom icon that will be displayed inside the upgrades menu. This section is optional, and if it doesn't exist the upgrades will have a default icon.
That's it! Now you can start creating new upgrades for your spawners.
You can find a fully and working example in the default config of the plugin.

Custom Drops

You can restrict certain loot pairs and loot items to only be dropped if the entities have a specific upgrade. You can restrict them by adding upgrade section to them with the name of the upgrade you want them to have.
For example, if I want zombies to drop x1 coal if they have the coal upgrade, I will add the following pair to their loot table:
"upgrade": "coal",
"chance": 100,
"items": [
"type": "COAL",
"chance": 100,
"min": 1,
"max": 1
You can find more information about loot tables here