Blocks Stacker

The plugin can stack similar blocks together in form of "barrels". This is helpful mainly on Skyblock servers where players want as many valuable blocks on their island as possible.

When a block is placed, it will turn into a barrel. A barrel is a cauldron with an invisible armor stand inside it that holds on its head the type of block that was placed. This makes a beautiful illusion as a barrel that has the block inside it.

Barrels can hold infinite amount of blocks in them (unless configured otherwise), and they can be stacked together. Players can mine individual blocks from them, or break them as a whole in one action.

It's important to say that not every placed block will turn into a barrel. Only blocks that can be stacked will turn into barrels - unless you configured it to only work if the players are in the right "mode": players can enable for themselves "stacking mode", which only in this mode their blocks will turn into barrels.

Compatible Plugins

WildStacker changes the behavior of the cauldron blocks. This means, that plugins that want to support WildStacker's barrels must check if cauldron blocks are barrels, and if they are - treat them differently. Currently, the following plugins are known to work with WildStacker:

  • FabledSkyblock

  • SuperiorSkyblock

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