WildTools brings the ability to create custom wands and tools that can be used by players. You can create Sell-Wands, Harvester Hoes, Trench Pickaxes and more!

The plugin brings custom tools to your server with many different actions they can perform - breaking multiple blocks, placing blocks, sell contents in containers and more!

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Supported Plugins

The plugin handles the interactions of the tools and how they behave, and this may cause conflicts with other plugins. However, the plugin is packed with a smart system that supports every plugin in the world.

Adding support for plugins

There are two different supports you can add - one, is for claiming plugins. If you have a plugin that prevents blocks from being broken by other plugins, WildTools should know it and respect their restrictions. If you have a plugin like that, simply add it to the claiming-plugins list in your config, and WildTools will do the job.

The second type of plugins is plugins that do something when a block is broken or placed. For example, giving rewards for breaking blocks. These plugins should know about the blocks that were broken or placed, and by adding them to the other-plugins list in your config, WildTools will make sure they are notified about these changes.

By filterring which plugins should be notified about actions made by WildTools, you can reduce the amount of lag caused by the amount of actions there are. Many plugins know how to handle breaking of one block at a time, however using tools of WildTools you can break multiple at once, which can drop performance due to other plugins.

Built-in support

The plugin has a few plugins that are supported by default. Here's a list of them:

Custom Containers

Custom Drops

Custom Prices

Custom Claims

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