WildInspect is an alternative for CoreProtect's inspect-mode. You can set required role for factions and it can be used only inside player's territories.

The plugin hooks into CoreProtect's database and retreives data from it. This way, it can alter the results as needed, and give more options than CoreProtect's inspect command. Once your players use the inspect command of WildInspect, it will act as similar as possible to CoreProtect's inspect actions, and will show data about blocks in the claims of the players.

Left Click

By left-clicking you can see changes made on blocks - their history of breaking and placing, who made the action and when did it happen.

Right Click

By right-clicking on an existing block you can see all the interactions that were made with it - opening doors, chests, etc. By right-clicking on a container, you can see all the items that were added or removed to/from it, who did it and when it happened. At last, you can also place blocks and get changes made to the placed-block's location, similar to left-clicking on it.

Table of Contents

Supported Plugins

The plugin aims to let players only view changes in their claims. The plugin currently supports the following plugins and respect their claims:

Are you using a plugin that is not listed above? Make sure you request the plugin to be added on our discord server!

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