WildStacker is suitable for servers with a lot of entities and drops which want to reduce the server-lag that they cause without changing the game experience.


Items Stacker:
Entities Stacker:
Spawners Stacker:
Blocks Stacker:
Configurable merge radius
Configurable merge radius
Configurable merge radius
Configurable merge radius
Configurable stack names
Configurable stack names
Configurable stack names
Configurable stack names
Blacklist drops
Blacklist entities
Blacklist spawner types
Whitelist blocks
Set drop limits
Set entity limits
Set spawner limits
Set barrel limits
Set disabled worlds
Set disabled worlds
Set disabled worlds
Set disabled worlds
64 stack size for all items in inventory
Blacklist spawn reasons
Chunk merge
Chunk merge
Enable/disable displaying stack names
Blacklist custom names
Explosions drop spawners
Explosion destroy whole stack
Buckets stacker in inventory
Enable/disable auto-stack task
Explosions destroy whole stack
Toggleable stack mode
Stews stacker in inventory
Enable/disable kill-all task
Silk-touch drop spawners
Configurable toggle command
35 toggleable stack checks
No silk-touch drop spawners
Toggleable stack splits
Drop to inventory
Linked entities feature for spawners
Shift break whole stack
Instant stack-kill death reasons
Floating names
Nerfed entities
Break menu
Stack down
Placement permission
Keep fire to the next stack
Shift place
Lowest health keeper
Break/place money charger
Hide stack names


/stacker give <player-name> <spawner/egg/barrel> <entity-type/material-type> <stack-size> - Give a stacked spawn-egg or spawner to players. /stacker info - Shows information about a spawner. /stacker inspect <player-name> [amount] - Give an inspect tool to a player. /stacker kill [radius=?] [type=?] [spawn=?] [config<true/false>] - Kill all the stacked mobs in the server. /stacker reload - Reload the settings and the language files. /stacker save - Save cached entities and items to database. /stacker settings - Open settings editor. /stacker simulate <player-name> [amount] - Give a simulate tool to a player. /stacker stats - See all the cached stats of WildStacker. /stacker test - Test the status of the stacking thread.


wildstacker.* - Gives access to all the commands. wildstacker.give - Gives access to give spawner and eggs to players. - Gives access to get information about a spawner. wildstacker.kill - Gives access to kill all stacked-entities. wildstacker.reload - Gives access to reload all configuration files. wildstacker.silktouch - Gives access to get spawners with silk-touch. wildstacker.nosilkdrop - Gives access to get spawners without silk-touch. wildstacker.settings - Gives access to use settings editor.* - Gives access to place all spawner types. wildstacker.nextplace - Gives access to place spawners next to others when the feature is disabled. wildstacker.stats - Gives access to get all stats about cached data. wildstacker.toggle - Gives access to use the toggle command if enabled.
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