WildTools brings the ability to create custom wands and tools that can be used by players. You can create Sell-Wands, Harvester Hoes, Trench Pickaxes and more!


    Fully Customizable Tools
    Trench Pickaxes
    Tray Pickaxes
    Wall Wands
    Sell Wands
    Harvester Hoes
    Cannon Wands
    Whitelist and blacklist blocks
    Whitelist and blacklist drops
    Configurable messages
    Configurable settings


/tools give <player-name> [amount] [uses] - Gives a tool to a specific player. /tools info <tool-name> - Checks information about each tool. /tools reload - Reload the settings and the language files. /tools settings - Open settings editor.


wildtools.* - Gives access to all the commands. wildtools.use - Gives access to use the custom tools. wildtools.give - Gives access to give tools to other players. - Gives access to get information about tools. wildtools.reload - Gives access to reload all configuration files. wildtools.sellmode - Gives access to use harvester sell mode. wildtools.settings - Gives access to use settings editor.
Last modified 1mo ago