WildChests brings more chests into the game. Sell chests, auto-crafters, global ender chests, larger chests, phisical player vaults and many more!


    Fully Customizable Chests
    Sell Chests
    Auto Crafters
    Multiple Pages Chests
    Storage Units (infinite storage)
    Link chests into others
    Configurable messages
    Configurable settings


/chests give [amount] - Give a custom chest to a player. /chests info - Shows information about a chest. /chests link - Links a linked chest into another chest. /chests reload - Reload the settings and the language files. /chests save - Save all cached data into files. /chests settings - Open settings editor.


wildchests.* - Gives access to all the commands. wildchests.give - Gives access to give chests to other players. - Gives access to see information about a chest. - Gives access to link linked chests into other chests. wildchests.reload - Gives access to reload all configuration files. - Gives access to save database into files. wildchests.settings - Gives access to use settings editor.
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