WildBuster brings a new block to the game called "Chunk-Buster". This block can bust entire chunks in a moment without causing any lag to the server!


  • Customizable Chunk-Busters
  • Unlimited Chunk-Busters
  • Limit amount of active Chunk-Busters
  • Reverse mode
  • Supports FactionsUUID
  • Highly Optimized
  • Configurable messages


/buster cancel [player-name OR world,x,z] - Cancel yours or others active chunk-busters. /buster give [amount] - Give a chunk-buster item to a specific player. /buster reload - Reload the settings and the language files. /buster save - Save all chunk-busters to files.


wildbuster.* - Gives access to all the commands. wildbuster.use - Gives access to place a chunkbuster. wildbuster.cancel - Gives access to cancel your own active chunk-busters. wildbuster.cancel.other - Gives access to cancel other players' active chunk-busters. wildbuster.give - Gives access to give to yourself the chunk-buster item. wildbuster.give.other - Gives access to give to any player the chunk-buster item. wildbuster.reload - Gives access to reload all configuration files. - Gives access to save manually all busters to files.
Last modified 2mo ago